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video distribution system ideas


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We are looking at options for distributing video to about 30 screens around our site. The sources that would be distributed would include a HD PTZ camera video feed, powerpoint from a laptop and some other sources.

What is key for us is minimal latency especially when viewing the live video from the PTZ camera on the screens as the audio they would hear is from our PA system so it needs to be in sync.

What kind of systems are people using and how do you deal with wrong cable runs from the sytem to screen. Our longest cable run could be 150m.

One option we are considering would be based on the Blackmagic 40 x 40 videohub but what kind of cable length limitations could we have?

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Belden 7731a can (nominally) get you above 100m but then you need to relock. Or you convert to fibre.

If you are always going to be using SMPTE resolutions and most sources have sdi outputs, you could do worse than blackmagic. It works and it meets a price point. And they have all the bits you need (days to relock,  fibre converters to extend)

If you are in a stadium/concert type situation and can hear FOH/pa (or are time aligned down the venue) and it is 150m line of site, you are going to lose lip sync, with video arriving first towards the back. If you are in a venue and things are not time aligned,  I would look at the feasibility of pulling pa audio for the zone from the displays and embedding the audio.  Keeps it all nice and tight.

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4 hours ago, lxkev said:


The endpoints are not cheap, mind.  (Unless Birddog finally ship the Play, obviously..). I have a similar project with about 30 odd screens and I'm using NDI for most of it, but there's a couple of sync-critical screens that I'm keeping in the SDI realm.



20 minutes ago, mac.calder said:

Autocorrect is fun! DA's. not Days...

Now that's a long sync time.  🙂

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