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stage floor masking tape


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Hi Forum

have been asked to assess use of masking tape sheets which are then to be painted as a potential floor covering on show

obviously hesitant to let them use this due to inherent lack of any fire retardancy  even if Flammbar is used 

They also wish to use 3 sec gerbs on the stage

to my mind this is a hard no 

any thoughts from forum on this one?



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We've always used class 1 FR hardboard for this, with matt gaffer on the joins. Have painted several patterned floors on this surface, and then just paint over with black when pattern no longer needed. Not sure the FR is strictly necessary for something that is in such intimate contact with a wooden floor beneath.

I can imagine that trying to apply masking tape sheets without any crease etc would be a nightmare and certainly can't be re-used at a later date, whereas the hardboard can be left down, or lifted and stored until needed again.

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