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  1. Hi forum we are being told that any subsidised visiting productions are not subject to BECTU/TMA get out recharges? While, we arent a full BECTU house or have BECTU contracts we do operate get outs at the current rates I have tried to find this information but cannot see any reference to it anywhere has anyone come across this before? I just wish to get my information correct before any further action on this I was aware of exceptions for puppet shows, shows going to or coming from houses with less than 500 cap and Rep but not aware of any exceptions around subsidised theatre, RSC and National both pay outs or certainly used to many thanks in adv D
  2. Hi thanks for the observations, to clarify would always leave a duty tech on to oversee stage practices on the out just would be hesitant to allow them to rig any flown items if no get out was being offered as to my mind as soon as the duty tech does any work on the load out they should be paid a get out rate We don't have a 2x rate in house so staff would be expected to remain at single time hrs and min wage rate which is why get outs are important to protect in this instance D
  3. As a provincial recieving venue we are getting more and more companies instructing us they don't require crew for get outs however the often still wish to fly equipment, softs, projectors etc. often the agreement isn't relayed to visiting companies who seem to expect us to help load out just wondering if anyone is encountering the same and how you are handling it? to my mind we shouldn't be flying anythingpost show as flying it in and de rigging it would constitute a get out? I don't want to start a discussion around venue recharges as get outs are about the only remaining benefit that keeps my guys from going off to earn more in lidle and if that happens it's to the detriment of the industry as a whole, visiting companies and venues alike thanks in adv D
  4. Hi forum I am due a trip to an EU member state and wished to take my titan mobile desk with me to get ahead on some programming I need to get ahead on for a forthcoming show just wondering what issues I may encounter taking it on as hand luggage and potential questions from customs & security ? Anyone have any experience of doing similar on the forums pls? many thanks D
  5. Hi Forum have been asked to assess use of masking tape sheets which are then to be painted as a potential floor covering on show obviously hesitant to let them use this due to inherent lack of any fire retardancy even if Flammbar is used They also wish to use 3 sec gerbs on the stage to my mind this is a hard no any thoughts from forum on this one? Thanks D
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