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Sound survey/Mic Advice

The JC

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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a company who would be able to do a site visit to a venue in London, do a sound survey and recommend ambient microphones to pick up the stage? There are some unique requirements and characteristics of the space which is why an in person visit would be needed.


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Seems no-one has any suggestions...!

Is it possible to explain the requirements a bit more, to better understand what the mics need to achieve? Not sure whether to suggest an experienced location recording engineer or an electroacoustician familiar with the demands of architectural acoustics enhancement?!

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I wondered about this too, it’s also a very expensive solution. Usually some photos or a video and the. A phone/zoom chat would be sufficient.  Can’t see there being a cost effective solution to this one, unless somebody is willing to spend £200 plus on a chat that didn’t need to happen in person? 

without more info, it’s got warning bells attached.

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