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Antari Low Smoke Pump Failure


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I first looked at the problem during lockdown but now I am up and running again I though I would revisit the problem. I think I have narrowed the problem down to the fluid pump not working. Its possible its seized up. Having taken it apart I actually think the coil might have failed, not sure thoughA replacement  pump, model is SP-35a (m24050)  List price seems to be maybe £80. Does anyone know of a cheap replacement. I think they are used in many devices ie Chauvet

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Seems to be a regular problem with these machines, certainly all of the three that I owned died in this manner and I know others that went the same way. 

The pump itself doesn't look wildly different from these generic models but you'd be wise to double check the operating voltage etc. 

There have been a few threads on the subject over the years:





Looks like the control can be an issue as well as the pump itself. 

TBH the machines are a bit crap, I don't regret replacing ours and I'm not sure how much effort is justifiable with them. 

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If you can find a HighLite dealer - they should be able to order a pump for you - Central Theatre Supplies in Birmingham certainly are such a dealer - talk to Jo Beaumont-Ward or Ian Roberts. CTS likely won't have them on the shelf but if they're in stock in Holland - delivery should be about 3-5 working days.

Alternatively you could try Smoke Machines - Clicky - I had a couple of pumps from them back in 2017 but again, can't promise if they keep them on the shelf still.

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Thanks for the suggestions chaps. I assume if its marked 240v then putting that across the coil should do something? It doesnt, that why I am thinking its possibply the pump rather than the control side?

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