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Repairing vintage disco gear


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I've just been asked if I'd have a look at a Pulsar Zero 3000 light controller with a dead channel. Although it might be quite interesting to take a trip down memory lane I'm way too busy with other stuff to spend the time on it. Is there anyone out there who is into vintage gear like this? It's a three channel sequencer and sound to light unit with all CMOS for the logic and discrete everything else. Schematics are available. Anyone interested?

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13 minutes ago, Whiskers said:

Change the triac, check the fuse is within spec, that covers 95 percent of cases with these symptoms. 

Thanks, I'm not looking for advice on how to fix it, rather names of anyone else who is interested and competent to do it.

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7 minutes ago, timsabre said:

Anyone poking in a Zero3000 should be aware that although cmos logic is used the whole circuit runs at mains potential to avoid the additional cost of optoisolators. Quite difficult to work on safely. 

Yes, I noticed that. I've got all the necessary to do it (isolating transformer, differential probes etc) but am lacking the space in the schedule right now

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