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Mac Encore Head fan error


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Hi all

I’ve got a Mac Encore that is displaying ‘head fan 11 error’ and for the life of me can’t figure out which one it’s referring to. As far as I can see all fans are running correctly and tried reseating all connectors, power cycled after each reseat too but the error is still showing. Has anyone else had this issue, if so, any pointers on how to clear the error? If a list of fan locations could also be provided it would be a massive, massive help! I have done a bit of research (looking at the service manual etc but nothing is standing out)

Thanks in advance!

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Meter out the looms to eliminate the possibility of a broken / pinched conductor somewhere in the head.

Not sure if error number relates to the fan identity but should be possible to sort out even if you aren't sure which one it refers to.

If all fans turn (are you sure there isn't a another small one hidden somewhere? Also remember any in the base, although 'head' suggests not) and all looms etc connect back to the control, then the issue could be components in the driver/sense circuit or less likely firmware glitch. Verify with a board swap.

E2A: I replaced a squirrel cage fan in a lamp housing this week with a brand new one and spent several hours trying to work out why the error still existed. Turns out the supplied new fan connector had been incorrectly wired at the factory!

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