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Old cast-iron base lighting stand required


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Hi, I'm trying to acquire/buy an old, flat bottom, cast iron base lighting stand. The old strand L66/SEECOL type, this is for a local group. I was wondering if anyone knew of any kicking about anywhere? Just like this https://www.theatrecrafts.com/archive/documents/1961_lighting_for_entertainment_23.pdf

I'm based in Plymouth, any info would be great. Thanks

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Not flat bottomed but I have the following if interested.

I used a piece of galvanised water/gas pipe for the top section (now long lost).

It will include the cast Ali top adapter arrowed in second pic and a homemade T top consisting of about 18" of angle welded to a piece of pipe to fit over the top pole section.

Arrowed in the last pic, an additional stop bolt as there is a dent just below it preventing the top section from sliding down, to be more exact it prevented it sliding up.


I used it for a number of years for a couple of horn loudspeakers at a height of 9ft. It needs a decent wash and paint. Excuse the detritus.

Located Maidstone Kent, free to a loving home...


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11 hours ago, StewPlym said:

Hi @sunray. Thank you so much for your kind offer and detailed response. I've now managed to locally acquire an original Strand stand. Thanks again, but now no longer needed.

Thanks for the response, you're welcome.


I believe it is a much older Strand but I know not what you were aiming for, I wanted you to be aware straight off what I have on offer.

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