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Conference Cameras for small events.


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I'm looking at cameras for use in hotel function rooms for basic conference work 
Typically rooms of 100-1000 people and used for recording, streaming and a bit of imag where appropriate for the larger rooms. 

Typical content is would be Panel Discussions, Interviews and Lectures. 

For these events whilst the stage may normally be lit to a certain standard there are just too many variables (lights dimmed for presentation, presenter walking offstage down to floor, questions from floor) that I find (and this might be my broadcast background speaking) a remotely rackable camera to be essential. 

Whilst in the past I've hired in cameras like Sony HDC-1500 that do a very good job they can feel like overkill for these relatively small events. 

As a few events are now considering re-starting in person I'm having to give this quite a bit of thought. 

  • Am I putting too much stock in being able to rack cameras for this type of use? 
  • Are there any other more affordable cameras I could be considering? (purchase or hire)
  • Does the software based racks control for BM cameras in the ATEM line of mixers work in real life or is it all a bit of a gimmick? 




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I've used the BM Pocket cameras with remote control from the ATEM kit. I've only used on screen control on the ATEM remote software (I was using an ATEM Mini Pro ISO), which worked but isn't tactile or quick. They also do a hardware panel that would presumably be quicker and more tactile, a supplier we use often brings one and it seems to work well, but I haven't used it myself.

It works, control goes up the HDMI or SDI cable, the camera responds. Control of iris/shutter/ISO/WB works well. You can also control focus and colour tints - I didn't need to use these so can't really comment on them. The controls on the rear touchscreen of the cameras also work well for the operator.

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Thanks Jon, 

Very useful to get some real world experience. 

Were you using the MFT lenses for the Pocket Cameras, and if so how did you find their range in the space you were in?


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We used Panasonic MFT lenses. Can’t remember what focal lengths - but we chose zoom lenses that suited our camera distance, broadly speaking wide-ish.

You’re never going to get £8k Canon lens quality from a MFT lens that cost £600 but we got something that looked professional.


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