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& Juliet... What a cracking show.


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Just out of watching & Juliet at the Shaftsbury Theatre in that there London...

Knew little about it other than what my eldest told us (she's working FOH there) but had a great time there.

Ok, it's full of pop music songs slotted into a cleverly constructed alt ending to Romeo and Juliet, 'penned' by Anne Hathaway, but a Juke box show it's not.

Tech was spot on, too. Kudos if anyone here is involved.

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I gather the show was hit last week by crew shortages due to covid isolations...

So much so that the flying elements were drastically limited and at one point cut to there only being one piece flown - the & Juliet sign that's in at the top of the show going out.

Don't know if the situation's improved this week yet.

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