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best outdoor LEDs for long distances


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Hi all,

I'm looking for some long throw Leds, that could work from 30 meters/ 100 feet away, or close to it.

To make things easier, they must be IP65, and as small and cheap as possible.

No movers, no need for DMX control, just white source could be good.

I was thinking about some followspots, if small enough, but any suggestion is appreciated.



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I was originally going to suggest something like one of the Chauvet IP rated profiles with a narrow lens, but then realised they're not 'cheap'! (What sort of beam size are you after/what are you illuminating? How bright does it have to be?)

Although we're all trying to consume less power by using LEDs, what's the reason for requiring LED?

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30 metres is quite a way. If they don't need to be controllable or particularly focussed I'd be inclined to look at the architectural world or similar - and that's something I'm not familiar with, sorry. I'd give someone like AC (or Stage Electrics, or White Light, or the usual suspects) a ring for a chat with their installation or special projects divisions to see what they can suggest. (Not negating your posting on here for advice at all!) Good luck.

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Architectural floodlights  probably have too wide a beam.

If nothing sophisticated is needed, I would consider automotive LED spotlights. Should be reliably weatherproof, 12 volt or 24 volt DC supply is safer (you will still need mains voltage, but only to one or two power supplies, not to a number of lamps.

Many of these lights are a wide flood beam, but narrow beam versions exist.

Suggest a browse on fleabay for "LED vehicle spotlights" or perhaps "Yacht/boat LED spot lights"

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