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I have a Varilite VL 3k spot that dose not seem to be getting any power. The display panel will not light up and the lamp will not cal, nothing at all works except for the 80MM fan that had been replaced with the DC version a while back. The LVS is outputting the correct voltages but no power makes it anywhere else, not even any of the MCB inputs.

I have replaced the LVS and MCB and every other connection I have access to. So what am I missing? Has the long hiatus most of us had effected my memory? What else could keep DC power from reaching the rest of the fixture?


Thanks for any help,


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Is the PSU still outputting when fully connected? If no, then something is shutting down the supply, a shorted cap or semi for example.

If the PSU is still pumping the supply while connected up, then there is obviously an issue with it getting where it needs to go. No ground connection would be a major reason.

Assume you have been though the DC connections at each board and measured nothing, from the start?

One more thing to be aware of is that once the DC supply arrives at another board, then there is usually more supplies being generated for various purposes. If one supply is faulty or missing, a device will not start up.

Also check that the main PSU isn't meant to be making multiple DC supplies but isn't. 


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