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Audio Playback


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Hi all,


I use Visual Productions Products such as B stations, and Cue cores for lighting, and show control on shows where we just want simple, or automatic playback.


I’d like to find some sort of audio playback that is similar in operation. I’d like to be able to trigger it with OSC, or GPIO and have a solid state drive. Reliability is the key. As I’d like to be able to stuff it in an IP box and leave it outsoide for weeks at a time


I’m aware of the Brightsign kit, but it doesn’t seem to natively support OSC. A MacBook with Qlab is over kill as well. Any suggestions?

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Brightsigns are the way to go to meet the reliability need, once programmed up they run for years never missing a beat.


I don’t know OSC but certain models work on GPIO, you can get them to fire on ip commands also but can’t remember the actual method.


Certainly will work on GPIO I’ve just set one up for Halloween at home but depends on the number of triggers you need.

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In the theme park would - we would use either an Alcorn Ride Player or Weigl device. Ride players from Alcorn are very expensive, but a Procommander3 can do lighting, audio and show control all from one box. . . and its solid state, has GPIO (from




These are not domestic units and you would need to buy a programmers key for the conductor software, but I have come across hundreds of these on the projects I have work on through the years and they are reliable and their range is getting wider.

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