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Sennheiser ew112 G3 cracks/pops after some time


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I have a well used ew112 G3 set that has started to make terrible cracking and popping sounds after being used for about 45minutes. This is happening almost all the time, in different locations, different people, etc. The sound is clear for about 45 minutes and then it slowly begins to start popping and crackling until about 10 minutes later it is unusable. If I switch it off for 30 minutes then it works fine and the same thing happens.


Is it common that they might overheat? The set is about 7 years old and this problem has only just started .... any temporary fix that could get me through a few more shoots?



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Can you see from the AF meters if the cracks are coming from the tx or rx? I’d try different cables and into different equipment. I’ve never heard or seen of any time based issues. Any issues have been down to lose / old cabling and movement or broken aerials.
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A thermal problem, maybe. Something gets warm / hot inside the receiver. To confirm this, I would open up the revceiver and when the crackling appears, blow cool air inside. If it stops crackling, go into details with a freezer spray. Systematically circle in on the heat sensitive components. Caps are among the usual suspects.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm not sure if the problem is the tx or the rx ... I'll need to wait for it happen again and check the AF meter.


I'm sure its not the cables as I can wiggle them around it doesn't make any difference. Also connected another brand cheap mic set the same cables and don't have this problem.


But, as p.k. roberts suggested I've noticed that the casing is coming loose on the tx. It is still weird though that it takes some time before the issue starts.

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