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Carrie the musical


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we are producing Carrie this fall. there are a number of "moving" chairs and so forth. I am just curious if anyone has done this production and how

you tackled these effects. my thought right now is simple black fishing wire with smallest clips I can find to attach to chairs out of our orchestra pit and

simply have kids pull the lines. but other ideas are welcome.

thank you

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Depending on budget, you could also do a false sub-floor with built-in tracks, but that's a whole other level of building work required!


that is a good idea..we considered that also. after seeing some other productions on line, it just seemed like the chairs were moving small distances so decided that

was a lot of building for those effects..

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I've never worked on the show. But my old boss (now sadly no longer with us) was the director of the original Stratford production which transferred to Broadway in 1988, and crashed and burned rather spectacularly (it closed three days after officially opening). He didn't like to talk about it.... rolleyes.gif
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