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Ion pallets / changing fixture


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Hi All


A quick one if someone knows the answer.


In the middle of plotting a show. Have some Chauvet R2x washes. Dimming was looking a bit steppy on a couple of slow, low fades yesterday and turns out they are on their 17chan profile and need to be on their 22chan profile for 16bit dimming.


Col, beam and focus pallets are setup already as well as being in cues manually.


All pallets are recorded by type, so not sure the outcome if I change the fixture profile to the 22chan one.


Does anyone know if it will know it’s the same fixture even though technically the fixture profile is different or if it won’t have any data if I change it over?


Hope that makes sense, don’t have time to play today before I get back to it.


Cheers guys


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In theory, changing the fixture type should maintain all your recorded data.


If you want to be ultra-cautious about it and do it in a completely non-destructive way, use the Copy function in patch with the 'Plus Show' softkey to make copies of your already-programmed channels at higher numbers, then once you've proved it all works delete the old channels and move the new ones back down onto their numbers. That's probably unnecessarily complicated, thought!


But even if it all goes to hell in a handcart (which it won't, if you're on a recent fixture library and the profiles are correct), just save your show as it currently stands before trying it out - that way, if you do end up in a mess, just roll back to your 'known good' saved showfile.


(By the way, the ETC Eos Family Console Programmers group on Facebook is a waaaay better resource for this sort of query than the Blue Room. Even though you need to sift through the answers to almost every query in order to weed out the stupidly complicated - or just plain wrong - solutions posted by people who have little knowledge of the console but feel compelled to answer every question regardless!!)

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This is a standard feature of modern desks, presume that ETC also implement the same function. It's called fixture exchange, morph, or other things, depending on the platform. The good thing is that the show is programmed using palettes but even if it wasn't, the fixture data in the cues should re-organise itself as closely as possible to fit with the new fixture/mode. There are some cases where you may come across channels that fall back on their default values if they weren't in the original mode, but the use of palettes makes any tidying up a whole lot easier.
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Thanks Chaps


Really useful. I assumed as much, but never assume and all that.

I will of course save / revert if needed. Good to know the etc forum is nice and active. Just didn't have time this morning to an create account.



Thanks again! :-)


The official ETC forum on their site is also a good resource. I was talking about the ETC Eos group on Facebook, though, which is a different forum - not officially ETC-endorsed, but very active and you'll normally get an answer to your question, usually from Ueli, minutes after posting it!

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