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LED Wall colour balancing batches.


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Does anyone have real life experience in colour balancing different LED batches?


We're using Novastar MRV 328 receiving cards which say you can batch correct, I've been offered some used panels identical to the set were using which I would like to use to create a larger screen format, but don't want it forever more to look rubbish.


Is batch correction a realistic option and how hard is it to achieve?


Thanks in advance.

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If the two quantities of panels are from exactly the same batch you’ll be in a strong position to get them to match. Physical factors like colour of the led package, shaders, colour bandwidth centre etc go a long way to making it easier. You’ll then have to get round the run times and colour shifts over the two batches which the Nova Batch correction will help with. But it is a slow process. If you can get the camera and software then that makes the process a lot swifter.


I’d personally get some or all of the other batch in and see how close you can get before committing.

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Thanks for the answers. Not sure what a separate controller brings, am I missing something?


Pete, the 2 sets are made about 3 months apart, they are identical in manufacture and chip set but the consensus is the leds will be a different batch.


I think I’ll be getting them as they are identical, at best I’ll be able to combine them at worst I’ll end up with tow walls the same. Have you experience in using a camera? If so what have you used. Only experience I have is with one we used for balancing thin bezel Samsung walls, but er never had success with it, spent an hour calibrating and it was better before.


Thanks again

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A separate controller allows you to apply different colour adjustments to different portions of the screen, though in Novastar you can configure multiple screens on the one processor/sender as long as the different batches are on different outputs.


Unless the physical led smd packages are from the same batch and bin, then it’s very very very unlikely that you’ll get them to match perfectly. Well enough for some clients - yes. For critical viewing with white backgrounds maybe not. Even slight differences in the other components on the IM’s across different batches will give different images. If you get Nova calibration software and camera then that’ll go a long way to help.

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