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Filled Gauze


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Hello all.


Is it possible to dye or paint a filled cloth or gauze (depending on who you speak to) blue? The cloth in question need to be 19m wide and 7.5metres tall. I've asked quite a few people what they think and the general opinion is that it would be impossible to paint evenly and I'm not sure what really happens when you dye a filled cloth/gauze.


Any advice or words of wisdom will be groovy.


Dazzler ;)

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A filled cloth and a gauze are somewhat different things...


If you're thinking of dying it, think about re-fireproofing issues if it's NDFR. You'll need quite a huge container to do this sized cloth!


As for painting, it depends on the result you want. I've had good results making a 'sky' cloth from an old gauze using a paint sprayer. Yes, a slightly mottled effect as it's quite hard to do it perfectly evenly, but that was OK for the use (sky during the day, twinkling starcloth behind at night B) ), and a paint sprayer won't deliver enough paint for a really strong effect unless you do it for days! As for 'normal' painting, a gauze stretches nastily if you roller or brush it when hung up. You could paint filled cloth, and with enough effort get it a decent, even blue, but it would take loads of paint for the size you mention, and the resultant cloth would weigh a ton!


At the end of the day, you can get a decent result dyeing or painting, but for a plain blue cloth compare the time taken, effort, cost (paint/dye, re-proofing etc.) with buying a blue cloth to start with. All the major suppliers will make you a blue backcloth - but get cloth samples as some of the blues are nicer than others!

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