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Real wind resistant candle holder, source.


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Can anyone suggest a supplier for a hand held candle holder that is draught resistant.

Not an enclosed lantern, but a simple candle stick with a glass cylinder surrounding the flame to protect against draughts.

For a real wax candle, not an electric fake.


Not for actual theatre use, but for filming in an old house.

The sort of thing used for walking around a darkened house before electric torches.


Must be cheap NOT A VALUABLE old one, as it is to be dropped and a fire started thereby.

An ACTUAL fire is to be started, but that bit will of course be done in a expendable set.

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You might find the phrase votive candle holder useful.


One thing you may find surprising is that dropping a candle will 9 times out 10 just extinguish it even when dropping onto a flamable surface. You may find you need a fire starter that gets triggered remotely as the candle hits the deck.


It will be an interesting risk assessment.

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Yes it will be an interesting risk assessment ! but I am not involved in that part of the production.

MOST of the filming will be in an historic building, but the fire scene will be in a set built in the grounds, proper precautions will be taken both to ensure that the fire starts when it should, and that no one is endangered thereby.


The Amazon link provided above is for a replacement glass for the type of candle holder to which I refer, but what is desired is the complete article. Good ones were made of real silver and therefore expensive, cheap ones of brass or tin plated steel. Used to be common.

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Good luck with that search I have been trying to find a spare globe for a spring feed candle stick for two years. Candle sticks rarely came with any kind of chimney and most replacements are hand made bespoke and dear. But I wonder if you are looking for the right thing. Maybe a finger held oil lamp would be a better bet - they were made for this use and far more fires were started with oil lamps than candles since they invariably spilt the fuel if dropped. Something like this https://www.ebay.co....ccAAOSwS6pgmTo- They come in brass too - I have one. Mind you even with brass the chimney would only stand one take! Edited by Junior8
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Sounds a much better bet - as J8 suggests, almost certain to start a fire if dropped (drop a candle & you just have a smouldering wick). My adoptive grandparents, who I often stayed with during the school holidays, had no electricity, so I got very used to handling oil lamps similar to the linked one, in all shapes & sizes. Always had a candle for bedtime, but never met a shielded one.
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They gave up looking for the originally proposed article and used a standard type of hand held candle stick for the "fire" scene. This involved a real fire, in an expendable set built outdoors, with suitable precautions.

Propane was used for the fire with a small pilot light placed out of camera view, and the main gas supply being turned on when needed. 

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