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Mac 600 mechanical issue


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Hi folks,


Don't do a huge amount of work on moving lights beyond general cleaning/lamp changes etc so I'm in foreign ground here a bit. I have a mac 600e that's been sat a while but needs to go up on the bars next week so I've just been giving it a once over. I'm getting an awful loud grinding rattle from the tilt function and the gears driving it on each arm appear to be slipping intermittently as the head reaches either end of its range of movement, meaning the head freefalls until the gears catch it again. Seems okay when moving slowly or in small increments but it hates running the test sequence! I'm thinking that the belts need to be tensioned or possibly replaced, though they look okay (to my admittedly amateur eye). Second thought is that the motors need renewing.


Any other ideas before I go any further? Also, does anyone know of anywhere (UK preferably) to source parts from?



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