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Capture with EOS - scene changes


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Hi all,


Looking for some help from anyone who uses EOS Nomad with Capture. I have built some scenes in my capture project and would like to trigger scene changes from Nomad. I know this is possible, but the manual is quite vague on the subject and I'm too dumb it seems to figure it out myself. From what I gather, each scene can be assigned to a DMX slot (each of which covers 4 values - so slot 1=0-4, slot 2=4-7 etc) and then I can patch a camera view to move up through those values, resulting in a scene change. I've assigned my scenes to their slots in capture but am struggling to patch a camera to Nomad. I've tried creating a new fixture reflecting the DMX parameters of the camera, but to no avail, and have also tried simply creating a generic fader to move up through the DMX values for each scene slot, but no luck there either.


Any ideas? Many thanks

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What happens if you patch a dimmer to that DMX address and then set the dimmer to the DMX value you want, rather than a percentage e.g. 1@//3


Someone did ask a similar question recently (about creating a capture camera view profile) in the Facebook EOS programmers group - might be worth a look? The advice was just create your own fixture and pick a parameter that is nearest to what you want, though IIRC.



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In case you haven't checked already are you sure you have the correct address? I can see that in Capture 2019 the scene control is on channel offset 18 of the camera in Extended mode (ie. Camera address + 17). In Capture 2020 it is on channel offset 20 of Extended mode or 18 for 'Legacy, Extended' mode.
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