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Buying Cloths


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OK, looking at spec'ing theatre cloths, which way do the seams want to go - horizontal or vertical?


Looking at a 8.9m wide by 8' drop serge borders, in the past we've got a mixture of horizontally seamed and vertically seamed ones - is there any reason to go for one or the other? Less stretch? Ease to replace panels (probably cheaper to buy a new border)?


It seems that horizontal seamed ones are cheaper, maybe the sewing is easier? Also an 8.9m wide border with vertical seams is less cloth-efficient to make than with a horizontal seam, using 4' wide serge.


Any other thoughts on spec'ing cloths? - we've already included a different colour centre tie, a canvas patch on the back for labelling, as well as the usual conduit pocket and hems etc.

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Vertical seams.


As Richard said, they don't catch the light so much and that's the way the material is designed to hang. It's all down to your warps and wefts. Basically you hang it as it comes off the loom ie you hang its narrower dimension vertically. Like that is doesn't sag so much.

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