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Use of microphones


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Foams may become short life items, no-one knows how they will survive repeated cleaning. But if you can't sort out a practise for receiving used mics in after use wearing vinyl/latex/nitrile gloves and wiping them over with IPA or bacticlean as you put them in a case, then reversing the process of wiping them down with sanitiser and handing them out -wearing gloves, then find someone who can! It's also important that performers take responsibility for their mics and don't pass them round or just get someone to hold their mic.


IPA is the sanitiser in alcogel formulations and is available from RS in bottles and aerosol cans.

Bacticlean is used to sanitise surfaces in the ambulance industry, it's aqueous, it's bought in drums and diluted for use -it is often sprayed onto surfaces. That it STINKS is both good and bad, the audience don't want to smell it, but it smells agressive so the cast will realise it's not just water.

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