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3d Creations Ltd Great Yarmouth closing auction


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I find this one particularly sad as I've known Ian Westbrook since, well, probably the 80s. He's the most talented person I know in his field. The stuff he's produced for QDOS over the years directly and indirectly via places like Plymouth Theatre Royal were always stunning. The work he did for the Palladium pantos was so good. Such a sad thing too happen. He's going to carry on designing, but I think around ten people have lost their jobs and it's just horrible that a perfectly sound business gets killed off so quickly when orders just stop. Looking at the list of cancelled shows, there will be plenty more!
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he is closing before he had no option but to close


Hats off to him - I've seen too many people hold on until the bitter end, with a far messier and nastier outcome for all concerned. (Not to mention others who have continued to extract money only to leave freelancers and suppliers out of pocket when the company folds)


I don't imagine anyone closes down their company lightly, it takes both foresight and courage to do it at the right point.

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He’s the greatest modern panto set designer but the harsh reality is they were actually a Prop company that landed one or two set build gigs per year. It’s sad to see people being made redundant but the company was already on a knife edge and current circumstances pushed them over the edge. Ian is to be applauded for getting out in front of the problem and biting the bullet.
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