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Mmmm, Starcloth


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Morning (or evening in some cases) all.


A search for my particular need came up with nothing on this site, so I thought I would throw open the following question.


I'm searching for a load of starcloth, preferably of the new LED variety. I've found lots of places saying what they are, but I'm failing to find somewhere I can order one from with prices set out on the webpage. I have found one site over in the US that has a retail price list up, but do you guys n gals know of anywhere within the UK that I could get some prices from?


Muchos thanks in advance,



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Thanks Brian, the Showled ones are the ones I'm looking for - to me they seem a bit easier to handle and more hard wearing than fibre optics, and certainly pealight cloth!


When I saw them at PLASA, I thought they looked pretty neat.

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