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Silvered Glass reflectors

Neil Hampson

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I've just bought (sight unseen) a few lanterns for our community theatre, mostly Lee Colortran Club650F and PC variants. On two of the units the reflector is virtually burned out with no silvering left at all. It surprised me that the reflector is a silvered glass rather than a chrome plated aluminium or similar. Does anyone know of a stockist that might have spares for these, they weren't exactly common back in the day, which is a surprise as they are certainly better built than the CCT minuette or Quartett. As a stopgap I have managed to jam in a spare reflector from a minuette, but I would prefer an original if possible. out of all of the lanterns, only two are affected, the other all look as-new.
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I managed to find two minuetteF reflectors in my stash of “bits”. They fit with a little fettling and are almost the same shape. At least the units can go into service until I can get a proper solution. The minuette ones are not chrome but certainly better than the clear glass dish that was there before.
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