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Rigging off goalpost


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I am planning on building goal post truss like the following in this link http://www.ledika-tr...ting-stand.html


I plan on it being 3.5m width, 4m in height.


Would it be safe for me to attach 2 manual chain blocks to the goal post and rig another piece off truss off it to make flying video wall easier?


Thanks in advance

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Potentially. You’d need to look at loading details for the truss arch, and work out your calculations.


Do remember that you’ll lose quite a bit of height- assuming you sling the goalpost; allow for the chain block and then sling the new lower truss you might be looking at your “pipe” for your LED being more than 600mm below the goalpost.


As is sometimes said on the forum here, if you have to ask if it’s safe/ok, should you really be doing the work? It would be prudent to consult an experienced rigger should you be unsure, the last thing you want to do is hurt someone (or worse)

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I've seen this done numerous times - by people with a folder full of paperwork and calculations to show it's safe.


If you're asking if it can be done, then yes. If you're asking if it's safe, then it depends on the numbers you come up with.

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Talk to a reputable truss manufacturer, not just a distributor about you proposals, send them all the info on the LED screen including how and where you intent to use it, inside our out, and they will let you know what you need.


There are many, many reported and many more unreported incidents with LED screens and the structures they are rigged from failing.


Any good manufacturer will also design a bracing plan for you and let you know how much ballast you will need, and that's one of the biggest failings not enough ballast.


I would be talking to Area 4 who own 5 of the major truss brands or total solution.



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