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IR Assisted hearing system


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As capital bid time arrives, I return to the fruitless task of compiling a list of things I would like to add the the theatre which are then roundly ignored by the finance department.


This year, I'd like to replace our infra red assisted hearing system with a new model ( and hopefully one that people will actually use.)


I could ask around and get a quote, but as they very rarely give me any money I don't want to waste a suppliers time time.

So. Any had one installed recently? Ballpark cost. 300 seat end on venue.



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Listen Technologies make some very good IR systems. Prices at retail are about £500+VAT for the small combined transmitter / radiator and £1200+VAT for the separate larger hardware. Receivers with 'intelligent' inductive neckloops are about £200+VAT each.

Factor in cabling and installation on top...


However, what's up with the old one? If it doesn't work, have you checked it out? Some of the older systems needed driving hard for a few seconds to get them to wake up...

Did people not use it because it wasn't working, or because it didn't improve the listening experience?

What sort of signal or mix are you sending to the IR system?

How do patrons get old of the IR receivers?

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