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Power & DMX Flightcase


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Hi All,


May seem like a really stupid question but I just wanted to make sure before making any decisions. I want to put a Betapack and A DMX splitter into a rack flightcase and just wanted to know if this would cause any issues. I've made patch panels before where the two have been in close proximity to each other therefore causing grounding and signal issues. I believe this is a common rack solution but just wanted to be sure.


Many Thanks.

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I can't think of anything that would cause problems with this. As you suggest, it's quite a common setup.


If you're wiring XLRs onto a panel, make sure that pin 1 is not tied to the shell. (Same goes for your cables too). That can be a source of some problems, although I've tended to come across it more on the audio side of things than with DMX.

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