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Elation E Node 4/Zero88 FLX


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Hi all,


Looking at setting up an Elation E Node 4 to be able to run CAT5 from a Zero 88 FLX and take DMX out of Node into fixtures. I’m struggling to get it working. Has anyone used this setup or specifically the E Node that could advise please?

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Have you got a laptop that you can try sending some data to the node with as a test? Something like https://sacnview.org/ will let you see if you can control the fixtures without using the desk - you can also use it to see what data the desk is spitting out (assuming you're using SACN, anyway).


Once you've got an idea of that, it should give you an idea where you need to be looking.

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Has the eNode got latest firmware? There is a similar query on the Zero88 forum that came down to old node firmware.




Same for FLX (7.9.7)?


Are you using Artnet or sACN? FLX is using Artnet4.


If you post on the Zero88 forum, Edward might see your query sooner.


Any devices that are receiving ArtNet, will be shown on FLX in Setup -> Devices.

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Hi Taylord,


As kgallen and pritch have queried, what protocol are you using to send DMX over Ethernet, sACN or ArtNet?


As kgallen suggested, feel free to post on the Zero 88 Forum or email me directly if you wish.


What IP addresses are the FLX and Node set to? Are you using a single Ethernet cable to link the two, or is it part of a larger network?


If you have any questions let me know.


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