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Applause / Laughter Signes


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I'm looking for some Applause and or Laughter signs - the sort of thing you hang in front of a studio audience so they know how to respond.Ideally they would light up in some way. The "designer" imagined it surrounded in flashing festoon...

Required in London w/c 17th Feb.

Just on the off chance, does anybody have such a thing sitting in their prop LX store?






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We’ve got a 3 circuit light box left over from our last season. 1 box with 3 compartments, perspex face painted black with clear lettering - Live/Cheer/Applause (I’d need to check the precise wording). Each compartment is internally lit with white led tape.

You’d need your own controller for the LED tape.


If you’re interested send me a DM and I’ll try to get some photos and see if the set dept want to keep it or not.

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