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Service & maintenance for school theatre


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Recommendations wanted...


A local school with a reasonably well-stocked theatre space has asked me to advise on bringing their lighting setup up to speed. They have plenty of kit (48 ways of Betapack dimming hard-patched to many outlets around the space, ETC Element, 50-odd generic lanterns of half-decent quality, half a dozen LED units, ten short IWBs), but it hasn't been touched for about 6 years. Essentially the whole lot needs taking down, deep-cleaning, servicing, maintaining as required, electrically testing, and re-hanging in a way which will put them in a good starting position going forward.


This would take more time than I can give them, so I need recommendations for decent companies (ideally based in the north-west) who could take this on for them, initially as a one-off but perhaps with a view to setting up an annual maintenance contract. A company familiar with the education sector and its idiosyncrasies would be ideal, but most important is that it's someone who understands theatre kit and will do a good job for them at a decent price.


So - those of you who work in school/college venues - who would you suggest? Not having been venue-based for quite some time (and having worked somewhere which was large enough to deal with servicing its own kit even when I was!) I'm not really 'in touch' with who's considered to be the go-to guys for this sort of thing these days!

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Stage electrics certainly offer the service, I don't know if they will do it in the North West, or how competitive on price they would be


They have always been very thorough and good to work with in my experience (in an education setting)

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'North' in this instance means north-east Wales - so someone based in Liverpool, Manchester, Stoke, that sort of area would be ideal. Further afield wouldn't be a problem, though, I'm sure anyone providing this sort of service at a decent professional level would be geared up for nationwide work. Thank for suggestions so far.


(Didn't realise National/Northern Stage had been assimilated into another company!)

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