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Amplifier ideas for EV QRX153


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I'm looking for suggestions for a suitable power amp for a pair of EV qRX153. The cabinet has to be bi-amped.


The low is a 400w 8ohm 15" driver

The mid/high has a horn and 10" driver with a passive crossover network: Impedance is 12 ohms.



Ideally I'd like a 4 channel amplifier to do this! It will be fed from an EV DC1 which I already have.



Opinion on speakers is subjective so I'm not looking for comments on the equipment... Just suitable amplifier suggestions of reasonable quality!


Many Thanks!



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The most cost effective 4-channel amplifier could be a Thomann t.amp TSA-4-700, which delivers 810W/4r, will set you back circa £330 and has plenty of good reviews

At the same level, there is a Behringer NX4-6000, similar output, sub £300, good reviews but not so many.

Then you step up to QSC/Crown/LabGruppen 4-channel offerings but the money goes into the thousands.

There's not much in the middle ground if you're going the 4-ch route.

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