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Simple free DMX monitor


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I'm currently developing some DMX control software and need to monitor its output to make sure it's doing the right thing before I take it along and try it out on site.


I'm using the ENTTEC USB PRO Mk2, and have their DMX PRO Manager, which shows a 512-cell grid with 18 columns. I've modified it to have 16 columns so it's easier for me to figure out channel numbers, but it's still difficult to read quickly.


I've hunted all over the place but can't find anything that will run on Windows with ENTTEC. I don't need a visualiser (although it'd be nice if free), just some way of monitoring all the channels with some form of identification. I can re-write the ENTTEC code (it's simple and crude and not user friendly for what I need) but just wondered if there was something off the shelf that I could use.


Four "musts" - it has to run on Windows, has to work with ENTTEC USB PRO Mk2, must be easy to install and use and must be free or very cheap.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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QLC+ supports the ENTTEC I believe.

And it's free... (even better, it's open source!)

It does have a DMX monitor feature which I have used successfully to monitor sACN streams.

Thanks - unfortunately, it doesn't support the ENTTEC for input.


MagicQ will do it with a Chamsys dongle, I'm not sure about DMX in with the Enttec dongle...




Looking through various threads online, it seems that it may have supported ENTTEC, but I can't find anyone that has been able to make it work recently.

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