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Screen monkey just stopped working HELP!


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Insert lots of swear words.


I spent all day yesterday preparing a show on Screenmonkey, it was all working perfectly, I loaded it today and first of all I had no sound (playing MP3 and WAV), then it wouldn't play video nor show any images.


I've restarted the PC, reloaded Screenmonkey, uninstalled and reinstalled Screenmonkey. Nothing.


I'm running Win10 on a laptop, I haven't made any changes whatsoever since it was working.


Any ideas?

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Or maybe not. It packed up during a rehearsal, then slowly came back.


I no longer have confidence in it and am going for something more basic, namely Multiplay. It can handle sound and video files to multiple outputs, but it can't do still images, something I was planning to use for backdrops, so that will be done using PowerPoint. No whistles and bells, just solid reliable performance.

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Just a thought - from the symptoms you describe (intermittent/slow etc.) I wonder if there could be a problem with the laptop hardware, in particular the drive. If it's an SSD this seems fairly unlikely but might be worth checking in Windows Event Manager to check if there is anything suggesting this in the logs. If there are it won't matter what application you use.
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