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Bar bells controlled via network commands


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I already have this set up but there are bells in our corridors that I would like to be triggered too


A possibility is a MIDI to contact closure box like




And trigger that from MIDI from qlab. Or you can get DMX to contact closure and do it from the lighting side.


If you want to do it from a network then then a raspbery pi to GPIO to a contact closure using something like https://pypi.org/project/pyOSC/ but I can't find an off the shelf integrated solution so it would require development work.

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Have you used those WiFi boards please? Are they configurable with existing SSID or require their own? Programmable hostname etc or allow static IP for routing? And they are fired with UDP from qlab I guess - there isn’t much documentation on eBay?


Was looking at a Arduino OSC relay solution for firing physical things remotely with qlab but that looks off the shelf...

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I haven't used those exact ones.

Have a look at this page which describes how you set up that type of module I linked. Basically you have to connect it up to a serial port to set fixed IP address and Wifi network details using a PC application they provide.

https://www.hackster.io/makerrelay/esp8266-wifi-5v-1-channel-relay-delay-module-iot-smart-home-e8a437Then you send TCP packets to it to switch the relay. Looks like a bit of a bodge up that might not work reliably.


I have done a lot of stuff with ESP8266 arduino boards e.g. Adafruit Feather Huzzah. Generally those ones you set a static IP and hard code the wifi network and login details for it in the arduino code (of which there are plenty of working demo examples). It would be simple to connect a relay module to it. Then to operate it you can send an http request with parameters e.g. or ?a=1 to operate the relay.


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