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Light console for small events


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It is not my decision and budget. I am looking for few options to advise to the upper management.


If you had experience please advise. Also please consider all aspects except the price.


Many thanks,



Why do you not like the Quartz, what are you looking for in the alternative console?




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Hi Viktor,


The smallest console we make with 2 universes is the FLX S24 console. This is limited to a maximum of 48 fixtures though...




If a higher fixture count is required along with more advanced feature set, the full size FLX console may be worth a look...




Obviously I won't be able to provide an unbiased opinion of console operation versus Quartz, but thought it is worth mentioning the Zero 88 offering for this sort of criteria.


If you have any questions feel free to drop me an email.


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I endorse the last reply. Try Chamsys magicQ PC with Chamsys dongle. The software is free, downloadable and very powerful. When used with their own dongle, which will cost you £15 delivered, you will get more than 1 universe. Only downside is the free version is a "demo" version and shuts down after 5 hours, plenty long enough for most events. All that is required then is a reboot and all is remembered. Some of the really flashy things are denied but shouldn't worry you. Clearly you need a PC or laptop but potentially you could have all you need for £15. I have no affliation with Chamsys , just very impressed.Their helpline is awesome too.




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He wanted small, with a screen like the Quartz. I suggested quick-q (not the mq range) as the screen on the mq40 is really titchy and the mq60 is physically quite a bit bigger than the quartz. The consoles are good but I'm not sure they meet his requirements
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As good as the Chamsys offering is on pc, I couldn't live without real faders. Though the wing setups I've owned (both pc wing and maxi wing) have been great for fly shows, for a venue I'd go hardware over wing and computer every time. Too much chance of the laptop being used for other things, not a one box system.


The MQ 40 and MQ 60 are identical in size. Compared to a Quartz they are slightly wider, but not enough for complaint. You might be thinking of the MQ 80 which is more comfortable to operate with it's larger touch screen, but the size increase really isn't that huge. Having used the quick q 20 I would personally pick an MQ 60 over the quick q, but that may be my familiarity with the desk, and the ability to customise the way the desk works to suit my preferences, one of the strongest aspects of the MQ range IMHO.


I would throw the Hedgehog 4 in here as an option, a very powerful small desk that fits your requirements of 2 universes and a touch screen built in, a couple of AV companies I freelance for have them as their mid size desk and they work well for them. I can't comment on their price, but I hear there are deals to be had.


I'd be happy walking into a Quartz, Hedgehog or an MQ 60 in a venue, and would know I could easily get a show out of any of them. I could say the same for the Quick Q, the FLX, the colorsource AV, smartfade ML, and other older desks in the 2 universe and a bunch of faders category, but would need a little time to remember syntax and idiosyncrasies. Who is going to be using the desk? House crew only or touring crew?

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You could look at the ETC Colorsource 20 AV. They have upgraded the Version 3 software to handle 80 devices so you have 4 pages of 20 faders. You need the AV version to get 2 universes.



I note you are in Dubai, I have demo stock of the above console in Dubai if you would like to try it.




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