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Professional HDMI extenders and Wireless HDMI


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Hi everyone,


I am looking for:



- HDMI extender over CAT5 for at least 100 meters (300 feet) for professional use.

Please note that I would like to use in a ballroom where are many different wireless DMX, wireless internet and phone networks, RF frequencies. I will need a product which will not be affected from other networks.

May someone please advise a trusted product which was used?


- Wireless HDMI for with range of 850 squire meters (8500 squire foot) for professional use with different channels in a case I need to use 2 or more different signals in the same place.

As I mentioned above, should not be affected from other networks.


Please advise if someone used something which is matching my requirements,


Many thanks in advance.




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Wireless - all of the "affordable" systems use the same licence free bandwidth. It's impossible to guarantee these systems will work under all circumstances. The Teradek systems I have to use fail immediately if you get a news van turn up using a proper Gigawave/Link system on nearby (licenced) frequencies. They're fairly robust against other normal stage frequency use, but there's no guarantees.


Those more expensive Gigawave/Link/Cobham type systems mostly don't take HDMI, but do have enough power (and their own frequencies) to cut through most of the other noise.


If you need a professional video link, and you're not using it every day, you'll be better off hiring from one of the broadcast facility companies, who can supply you with the correct kit for the specific job, and all the paperwork to do it legally.

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HDMI 1.3? 1.4? 2.0? (ie what feature set of HDMI do you need)?


What are your latency requirements on the wireless link?


Regarding your cabled solution - you want shielded Cat6A not Cat5 ideally - at 100m, any of the "long range" hd baseT products from the usual suspects will get you there - Lightware, Kramer, Extron, Crestron, AMX, Gefen, Atlona ... the list goes on, and will all push 130m down Cat6a


Wireless... There are some solutions out there worth looking at - Teradek does a number of them. Cinegear is another. Look for stuff in 5GHz - There tends to be more free space there.

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Hi Joe,


The devices are usually laptops connecting to the projectors, TVs directly or going through video switch. Kindly note that sometimes, there is a conversion from HDMI to DVI to connect on the switch, or mini displayport to HDMI and DVI using adapters. The main output from the switch is DVI. We use DVI to HDMI cable to connect to extender.


Can you please suggest any specific product (brand and model) which you used before?


As above - What is the use and what devices are you planning to connect?



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Does the content you are display have to be 'in sync' with audio or a performance - as earlier replies highlight that is often where you have issues in a 'live' scenario.


Extending HDMI over CAT is relatively straightforward with options built around HDBT and 'over LAN' - though ideally both solutions have a stand-alone wired network which is not carrying conventional 'data' traffic.


Are your Display devices in fixed locations?



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