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Looking for solutions to asset labels. Would people say it's easier to buy a label printer and print my own or is it better to just order them online. I'm looking for sticky labels which I can have my company logo on as well as a barcode and an Asset Number. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any websites, companies etc. Thanks in Advance.
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We have bought from Le Mark before. Not cheap, around £700 per 1000, but customisable.


Ours are around 100mm clear with a 25mm white label with logo, bar code and unique number. We use them on fixtures and cables. The bar code is readable with a generic USB bar code reader into our Megger PAT420 tester.

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I bought a Brother PT-P700 off of ebay for £30/40 I think. It has been able to print all of the labels I have needed!

I use 24mm wide tape for asset labels with barcode and logo. Software is quite good as you can set it up to print a sequential run of numbers, then when you need more labels it will start from the last printed again.

The only problem I have found with the brother tape is that they don't stick to some LEDJ 7Q5s I have as they have textured paint. The strong adhesive tape may work better. Everything else has stuck fine.

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