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Gripton lifting hardware


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Has anyone any working knowledge or experience with “Gripton” branded slings and shackles. I’ve been presented with a rig using only that kit that I have concerns about and the official website for the company is out of date and lacks contact details or corporate information.


I’m wondering if it’s a shell brand set up for a Chinese manufacturer?

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Not sure if this is of any use and I haven't any working knowledge of the company, but looking at their site there's a hidden (commented) section of code containing some contact details for their other brands on their contact us page:


Contact Address



P.O. Box 5389, Dubai, UAE.

Tel: +971 4 806 7700 Fax: +971 4 806 7701

Email: dutest@bindasmal.com Web: www.dutest.com



P.O. Box 11969, Postal Code 31961, Al Jubail Industrial City, KSA.

Tel: +966 3 341 7222 Fax: +966 3 341 7333

Email: saudidutest@bindasmal.com Web: www.dutest.com



PO Box : 32425, Doha, Qatar.

Tel: + 974 4 475 6013 Fax: +974 4 475 6014

Email: bindasmalgroup@bindasmal.com Web: www.bindasmal.com



P.O. Box 1084, Postal Code 130, Gala, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

TEL: +968 2 459 5996 Fax: +968 2 459 0012

Email: trading@bindasmal.com Web: www.bindasmal.com



W1S1YH, London, United Kingdom


There's no email / telephone number for Gripton Lifting Gear LLP

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As already pointed out this is just a shell company, run by someone in Dubai a few web searches give the following info.

Gripton Lifting Gear LLP is an active company incorporated on 9 March 2012 with the registered office located in London, Greater London. Gripton Lifting Gear LLP has been running for 7 years. There are currently 0 active directors according to the latest confirmation statement submitted on 9th March 2019.

What are your concerns about the equipment, if you are not happy about any aspect of their condition or origin then under the current legislation you have a duty of care to remove them from service until they have thoroughly inspected and tested by a suitably qualified person or organisation. Basically if you don't think they are fit for purpose don't use them, it will be your head it will come down on if there's an issue and possibly literally.

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My initial research was that it is a shell brand used (apparently exclusively) by dutest - I was hoping that so one might have some hands on knowledge to allay my fears.


One of the biggest lighting/sound companies in the Middle East (not prg/gearhouse) has turned up and attempted to hang 25ton of kit in one of my structures using rather dodgy looking Gripton branded kit and waving Gripton branded calcs around. I have already refused to allow the lift and am doing my homework overnight before tomorrow’s inevitable shouty production meeting.

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Further research - the gentleman named above as registering the brand just happens to be an executive of the company that distributes the Gripton brand in this part of the world whilst several local crew have named the same Chinese generic manufacturing co as the actual manufacturer of these parts.


For anyone reading this thread in the future- I am refusing all permissions to use Gripton brand products since I can’t get any believable data/certificates and somebody has gone to an awful lot of trouble to make a shell “reputable” brand to try and stop people asking too many questions...

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