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Quick release focus clips Strand Quartet 22/40


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Most of my Quartet 22/40 have nice simple screw knobs for the focus/zoom. One has plastic quick release toggles which you snap up and down to unlock the lens elements.


Naturally one of them has broken. My hunt for a replacement is failing; not helped by the fact that every diagram I see shows the screw knobs. Is there something I don't know about these lanterns?



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I recall the early model had the clips and later ones used the thumbwheel, one assumes because the clips were rubbish.


There a still a lot of old Quartets cluttering up the world so perhaps finding a donor may be easier than sourcing a new part.


They are a bit of a faff to reassemble without expletives.

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Yes the Mk1 Quartet profiles have the clips - and these are the ones I see around most often and on eBay (Mk1s originally came in fixed 15 and 25 degree and 15/25 variable and 22/40 variable). I found the Mk2 "much better" (for a Quartet profile that is). They had the thumbwheel locks for the focusing and also better/bigger lenses (in the 22/40 at least). However I don't see the Mk2 around much. As suggested, finding a donor lantern is likely the only practical way of sourcing these parts. Alternatively cut your losses and get a Prelude as a replacement - the 22/40 variant is pretty common.


We had a chat about them here: https://www.blue-room.org.uk/index.php?showtopic=68144



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