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HDCP Query mac laptops


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Hi all


I have inherited an exisiting installation and have a query re HDMI transmission and using mac laptops.


I have a lecture room/theatre with said set up and VGA/HDMI feeds to a matrix switcher, various projectors & screens. I, often, suffer from the HDCP issue via HDMI and resort to VGA for any mac users. There are a couple of switcher units in situ and the actual installation is 10 years old with newer items added into the mix over the years. Hence the issue of HDCP compliance etc.



In my searches for solutions, I came across a very helpful discussion within the blue-room about HDCP, Mac laptops and the various works with the annoying green screen. This has helped, along with other pages, of making the issue and resolution seem logical.



I understand the issues and I believe I have the solution to my woes.



My query relates to whether or not I should go the route of the following product: Decimator MD-LX or the route of a Kramer unit PT-1C. Both seem to bypass/resolve the EDID and HDCP issue.


The two units I have linked to are similar in price and spec but is there any other option I may have overlooked..?


Is there a difference or just a brand preference.


Thanks in advance.




Edit: grammar etc.

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HDFury is the option we tend to supply and use when we have EDID, HDCP, Resolution and Format issues, they have a range of options.


The key differentiator with HDFury being they are constantly updating firmware and providing custom solutions.





PS Link to our webshop - https://tmfsolutions.co.uk/product-category/hdfury/

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Hi Joe


Thanks for this. I have already proceeded with the kramer option due to the desire to resolve the issues asap.


I had thought of the HDfury but aspects of purchasing are mired in the bureacratic mire of a university with preferred suppliers et al.....


If I am unsuccesful in the resolution of the HDCP issue, I will relook at the HDfury options.


Thanks again.



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Hi all


I am just following up on this topic.


As mentioned, I purchased the Kramer item and so far it works pretty well.


The only clanger I had was not reading the manual properly. There are 4no. dipswitches for EDID/HDCP modes and typically, I did not have the right one selected at the wrong moment....


I have since ran a "soak" test for approx. 2 days with 3 different machines and different HDMI to mac adaptors running a test video etc.


There has been no green screen of death so thumbs up for the Kramer IC.


Hopefully this is the cure in the longterm.




Thanks for all the help and advice.






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