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Noose and the law


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the thing with a real noose is that all the safety features work on the premise it is safe, not unsafe. Somebody trips, breaks the 'break-open' feature and panics, using the tube of extra strong glue they see (but left behind by the carpenter, not the props people). They put it back. They person chokes. Would that person then step forward and take the blame, or would the 'noose safety officer' catch the blame? lots of honest people, when faced with this would do the human thing, and shut up, leaving the fault with the person who declared it safe.


I suspect we could all make a noose that would be safe - up to the point when something goes wrong. Look at stage illusionists. They prep, check, re-check and still the illusions go wrong with new and unexpected causes. I still do the occasional illusion job, and frankly, sticking people into boxes, shutting them in and then setting light to lighter fuel scares me witless. I really hate having big jars of lighter fluid that you can dunk things in. I hate flight cases with this stuff in, and I hate having a pocket full of lighters. I hate people throwing me flaming fire sticks to catch, and I hate every time one is shoved into a box containing a person. The paperwork is fine, but there is always a chance I messed up, somehow, or didn't notice the dancer inside had bumped into the container of lighter fluid and had dribbles down her top, just before the fire stick wafts past it. I don't mind every other risk we manage, but fire scares me. I have an extinguisher, but never want to use it!

Im with you on every word Paul, I've only been involved with fire (in this regard) once, I was only doing the sound from the wing SL and I made sure my extinguisher was on the corner of the table, just about as close as possible to being in my hand without it actually being there, and I'm happy to admit I breathed a big sigh of relief when the last torch was dropped in the bucket and the top screwed on the dipping pot.


With another company I provide 5 systems at an event every year, mostly 100V horns, and place an extinguisher at each of my 3 systems. Part way through the event I asked the other guy where his extinguishers were?


"Oh I don't bother with those anymore."

"But they are on the RAMS."

"Are they?"

"You wrote it and submit it every year."

"Oh yes. Oh well."


If fact one had time expired and I'd purchased a replacement despite the fact I'm retiring and not taking on any more comitments.

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