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LS9 output to RCA


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Hi, just a quick question I hope someone can confirm. I've been using analogue desks for years, but the voluntary group I am involved with now have a Yamaha LS9, which I find a great, easy to use desk. I'll soon be using the LS9 as part of a concert, and for one output I need to output to an unbalanced (1/4") input. Since the LS9 only has XLR's Omni out, I'm just looking at the best way to do this. Is it as simple as using an XLR > TS / unbalanced 1/4" cable, and just pulling levels back slightly?


Furthermore, I usually record from 2 aux's > 2xRCA inputs on a USB interface on my laptop (I use the L and R tracks for a slightly different mix so I can post-edit, hence two auxes) - would a 2x XLR >> 2x RCA cable work in this instance?


Thanks for any advice.

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You can record from the mains out to usb on the LS9 which would save you having to ues something external to record on to. You also will have very clean audio this way.


You may be able to record from an aux setup in stero mode on the LS9 as well.


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The Rane notes https://www.rane.com/note110.html are a useful reference for equipment interconnection. For The LS9 to RCA No 6 is the one to look at, no link needed.

You can adjust the output level using the attenuator for your chosen output port(s)

You could patch two spare ports to parallel your main left/right outputs if that is your desired source.

Setup, (output port setup)

Select the appropriate Omni port

Adjust ATT

Home to exit.


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Hi, thanks to you both for the replies:


dmxlights - yeah I was additionally going to experiment with the USB recording on the desk as this looks useful also - plan is to record main L/R bus to USB on board recorder, and have 2 mixes going to to omni's to give me an ambient+mic record track and a instrument record track


lamplighter - that link is a brilliant resource - saving that one for sure! I'll get the appropriate cable or solder one up.



Thanks once again.



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