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Small RF distro


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Just an update on the Chinese ones - somebody is selling them on Ebay for less than two hundred quid at the moment - which is frankly a great price. I've just 'rep-purposed' a Sennheiser rack - I found some original handhelds in my store and I already had a number of channel 69/70 receivers I didn't send back in the first buy-back - so I used the system I bought and have to say the results equal the ones I've had with big names on them at a tiny percentage of what they cost. It came in a nice Ali case, two log-periodic antennas with stand adapters. 8 BNC-BNCs for feeding the receivers, plus some BNC/TNC adaptors if your receivers have TNC - two shortish BNC-BNC for the antennas - 2m ish? and a decent in-line PSU, with IEC mains input. Wide band enough for channel 38 and channel 70. I have to say I won't hesitate buying another. Price wise - most of the usual suppliers with the VAT/Duty/delivery charges work out at around the UK £250 mark, but the fella on Ebay is doing them for much less - no idea how! they ship from Singapore oddly, which also means a slightly longer delivery, and in my case, a wait of a week with customs.


Worth getting one if you have multiple systems.

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The Thomman one that Simon referred to https://www.thomann....na_splitter.htm works well.

I have a couple and know others who are happy with them




I purchased one and am just racking it. The BNC cables are comically thin, so I'll see how they compare with more standard RF cables, but otherwise it looks quite well screwed together!

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