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Titan Mobile DMX logging.


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At 20k per second per universe thats going to soon mount up.

To be fair, the algorithm to compress DMX data would be relatively simple and would soon bring that down considerably. Not offering to write one mind!

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I looked at something similar on Chamsys MagicQ to record the entire output state as a new cue every second with a fade time of 1 sec (to semi-accurately jump around a time coded song with lots of long fades).

To record the state every second I had two cues in playback 10 with a half second wait time between them:

Cue 1: BlankCue 2: Ran Macro 1

Macro 1: Record Entire State into PB1

If you then set PB1 to timecode it will start the first cue at 00:00 and sequentially add a second.


MagicQ PC is free to download and accepts Artnet/sACN in so you could have this running as a live capture of your Avo set-up. You might have to patch in a dummy channel that fades from 0% to 100% over 10 seconds every 10 seconds to be able to accurately set the timing points if that matters to you - magicQ does drift slightly on its timings.

You can also export this to CSV as you mention.


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Open Lighting Architecture (https://www.openlighting.org/ola/), whilst primarily a protocol converter, comes with a console recorder program which prints each frame sent to a text file (it's ASCII, not quite CSV but close). So if you can either set up DMX input hardware to a computer, or get a IP network link across from the desk, you can capture the DMX frames to file (I think it will do up to 16 universes, although I have only ever run one). There is a corresponding playback tool, or you can do something else with the data file entirely.
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