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Waterproof multi-pin connectors.


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Do you guys have any preferences for waterproof connectors for outdoor LED tape applications? I'm considering making up some leads for an application with RGBW tape so it would have to be at least 5 pin with 6 pin offering the possibility of doubling up on the common positive.


I've got a Cliff style connector here, but it looks like it could be quite cramped to solder if a decent cable core size is used.

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The SP21 series looks pretty good in the sense that it has a decent current rating and more importantly a large pin size allowing easier termination with a properly sized cable for the low voltage application.


It's becoming clear that if you want industrial connectors you really have to go to China now. Even if that does involve an element of roulette.

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Bulgin or Cliff if you want to buy British. Own experience of Mini Bucanneers is that the locking collar is not impact, 1` drop on concrete , resistant.


Amphenol , Lemo and Harting for aerospace level connection at stratospheric price. Also buying into an ecosystem, it`s shells , inserts, keys and pins plus insert and remove tools for the pins and 3 figure pair of crimpers for putting the wires on.


Weipu are popular in boating circles, now popular enough to have copies :-) straightforward shell with moulded in pins for soldering.


CN Linko have heard good things about with their latching connectors if don`t like screw lock.


Both importantly available in line and chassis male and female, something that seems hard for other manufacturers....


Personally dinnae like push pull locks.


Not a massive fan of using XLR or Speakon for LEDs.

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