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MagicQ - making moving heads NOT home after fader down


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I asked on the Facebook group but haven't had a solution yet, so I'l share it here in case anyone knows the answer.


I really should know this - but have missed something. When I pull a fader down, I don't want the mover to return to the default position from the hed file, I just want it to stay put, and keep the same focus setting and gobos etc, ready to perk up when the fader is pushed again. In settings/prog/unused channels return to default, I've set it to heads without intensity only, which does exactly what I want - BUT it also prevents the fixture lighting up by typing the head number and 'full'. It gets me control of it on the programmer, but I have to dial in a colour to full, or prod a button. With the 'channels return to default' set to 'yes, all heads' - the example 100 full turns on 100 normally. I want it to stay put, but don't want to lose '100 full' working. Did I miss another hidden parameter I need to change.


People suggested using release, but of course this then pops the heads back to their released state, with pan/tilt, gobos, zoom etc all resetting, and I don't want that.


I can live with having to add in a colour to turn them on again in the programmer, but it would be nice not to have to do it.


I probably have the choice of the two modes, and cannot have the third.

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worth a try - but I've come to the conclusion that by changing the unused channels setting to one that does what I want, I lose the quick light up ability from the keypad, needing two extra pushes colour and a colour button. Perhaps just my 'need' being one nobody else finds useful.
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Are you using Vdims? Your need doesn't sound unusual and it's something that I don't recall being impossible.


The 'without intensity' setting is more useful for smoke machines etc. Just use No when in doubt.

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I don't understand why the fixture wouldn't already have a colour selected, if it is retaining its last settings, or was its last setting with all colours at 0? (Assuming this is a fixture with RGB mixing)


You can do what they call a "partial locate" by holding down one of the attribute buttons and pressing Locate, so once you have keyed the fixture number <Color> + <Locate> would set the colours to the default state.

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Try the various options in cue stack options (double click on the cuestack label, then "View Options"). I don't have a showfile handy to check, but "Fader releases stack" might be the one you are looking for.



You can also be more granular on what releases, in the "Activate/Release" tab.

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