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Which lights to purchase


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They are for church. just used a couple of times a week. also ill be using them for show choir.

IMO the Elations are a superior product to the ADJ gear.


However, you haven't told us anything about the proposed usage. It's entirely possible that the real answer is "neither".

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Just effects and frost. the pair ive picked out are platinum beam 5r. I saw where there frost is pretty good and I here theyre pretty reliable lights. I can get 2 with low hours for 1200 in a case

What sort of use in the church? Wash lights, Spots, Floodlighting? I guess we have to assume that these fixtures meet the need you've identified, but depending on what you want to do with them there may be better suited fixtures.

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The Elation Platinum Beam 5R is not at all silent. The fans will run anytime the light is on and you may find them too noisy for the church. We have half a dozen in our theatre and while I find them useful I don't use them for spoken voice shows (shows with no mikes on the cast), only for shows where the full cast is miked, such as musicals, concerts, etc.
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