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Ford Cortina MkII for Made in Dagenham


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We're doing 'Made in Dagenham' at the College I work at and although we've been able to source a set, the one thing we haven't got is the MKII Cortina revealed in Act II. (the Company we've hired the set from didn't have the space so sold it on afterwards.)


Does anyone have one we could borrow or perhaps know of a group I could contact who could lend it to us. (happy to collect and return) for the week of the 13th of May? Ideally in the South West but can travel further within reason.

Or failing that, does anyone have a large picture of said car as we do have access to a Roland Versa Print so could print one ourselves.


Many Thanks for your help

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Hi Peter,

At Scenic we have two cars, there is a 'front' body of the Cortina, and we also have the west end version which is basically an electric golf buggy with an open top fibreglass cortinon the top. They both work really well depending on your space.


When we did the production ourselves, we used the half Cortina on the stage and used the large prop for some publicity. We also very very luckily had a local owner of a Cortina Mark II who loved coming down and showing off the car at the theatre every night.





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A group I know have just done this in Hull and I think made the car, I will ask about it.




Maybe Hull is not travelling within reason, anyway I'll ask

According to DVLA BAM 510H (1598cc) was manufactured in 1970 (so presumably tax exempt) but first registered in 2015???




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